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an intersting twist ont he superhero movie

Posted : 12 years, 6 months ago on 13 July 2008 03:39 (A review of Hancock)

will Smith stars as John Hancock. Not your average superhero who at first is drunk then realizes that there is more to life and he is not alone. However, this more serious look at superheroes is quite interesting.the first 30 minutes of the movie seems to be an action/adventure but then turns to a serious look at life through a superheroes eyes.

Jason Bateman who seems to be a regular in peter Berg's film seems to be Hancock's saving grace. and himself is having issues at work with "changing the world". When Hancock and Ray (Bateman) collide, people Get mad because of the way Hancock handles the situation and then ray stands up for him. thus, being one of the many turning points in the movie. there is 2 big twists that happen in the movie and are very hard to explain with out ruining it for the people who want to see so i will leave up to you guys to go and see and decide for yourselves.

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very very good

Posted : 12 years, 6 months ago on 13 July 2008 03:26 (A review of Hellboy II: The Golden Army)

Guillermo Del Torro's Hellboy 2: THe Golden army opens with an awesome introduction. with a younger version of beast himself in 1955 New mexico in which John Hurt is telling Hellboy(Ron Perlman) a bed time story about the Golden army. then as usual winds up fighting the army itself of course with some help from Abe Sapien (Doug Jones), Liz Sherman (Selma Blair) and johann Krauss (Seth Macfarlane) who is the new addition to the family.

Luke Goss provides one hell of a performance as the villain Prince Nuada who will stop at nothing to rise the golden army. and is well supported by Anna Walton Who plays his sister Princess Nuala who later develops a love interest for abe.

it was great to see Gullermo Bring back John Hurt even though it was only for one scene. and master yet another wonderful,colorful, and action packed yet comedic piece of art of a movie. However, Selma Blair's character even a main role it seemed she only had a few good scenes and one impticular that kind of sets you up or the next installment inf the franchise. I must say though that this has been the best Blockbuster movie i have seen so far

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action packed, however not as advertised

Posted : 12 years, 6 months ago on 10 July 2008 05:22 (A review of The Last Sentinel)

Kind of mix of Battlestar Galactica , Terminator, and the Chronicles of Riddick. The last sentinel is about an army of politicians/police officers called Drone police whose ultimate goal to rid the earth of all crime and civil unrest. however, the military as we used to know it is no-longer the same instead of humans they are cyborgs alike the Drones.

Don Wilson plays Dallas a cyborg who is the lone survivor of an all out attack on the Drones. which is the first 30 minutes of the movie with flashbacks of the attack on the drones to fill in the opening in which Dallas is seen walking around and over a tower/building where his platoon was wiped out.

Shortly after Dallas is done having a conversation with his dead Colonel played by an all to Ready for action Keith David. Dallas walks out into the street to see a white van chasing a small sedan filled with Drones shooting back and fourth. Katee Sackhoff whose name is never revealed and is credited only as girl is thrown from the van. and once all the drones have left the area does Dallas leave from atop the building in which he was hiding in to come and bring her to back to health. the training begins with the girl and then leads to an all out frontal assault on a building said to hold a disk in which the girl must return to her militia.

the last sentinel which is action packed and is misadvertised on the dvd case which claims that the girl is earths last hope. this will be obviously shown otherwise once you view it. I recommend this movie to any and all sci-fi fans. with cyborgs that look like necromongers and red suits that have a similar look to iron man whats not to like about the Last Sentinel.

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very good show ,one of my many faves

Posted : 12 years, 6 months ago on 10 July 2008 12:44 (A review of Scrubs - The Complete First Season)

Scrubs Stars Zach Braff as John Dorian as a student in college who gets the chance to be an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital. What Dorian doesn't know is that the hopital is filled with a bunch weirdos for employees. for example Dr. Perry Cox(john C. McGinly) is doctor who expects the interns to know what it is they are doing when the start their internship and when they screw up he lectures them and taunts so it's pleasing to the audience (us, the viewer). then there's Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso(Ken Jenkins) who does the same thing and is in charge of rounds which is the questioning of the interns of their knowledge in case they have to preform a procedure they have never done before. Kelso is famous for giving speeches to both Dr. Dorian and Dr. COx that are hilarious. the voice over by zach braff doesn't start to fit until after the first 4 episodes. However Dr. Dorian is not alone he has his buddy whom he's known since early childhood Turk(Donald Faison) who is an intern as well. in the very first few moments of the show Dr. Dorian meets Eliot Reed(Sarah Chalke) his love interest and best friend, whom in later episodes he dates and brakes up with only in the last few moments in the show's finale to discover that she is still crazy about him. but to top off the cast is the janitor played by a hilarious Neil Flynn who taunts interns becasue he has nothing better to do.scrubs one of those good sitcoms that comes around every once and awhile and is not garbage like most of the shows that are on Cbs and fox today so if you like quirky improv humor scrubs is for you

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good one liners, drags on

Posted : 12 years, 6 months ago on 9 July 2008 03:21 (A review of Witless Protection (Widescreen Edition))

witless protection stars Larry the cable guy(the blue collar comedy tour) and Ivana Milicevic(casino Royale, Just Like Heaven) in the comic misadventure that officially marks Larry the cable guy as the new Ernest (Ernest in prison, in the jungle etc.) witless protection if full of redneck humor and one-liners that keep it entertaining. However, there is hardly enough plot to keep the movie moving for 90 minutes. if your looking for a few good laughs Witless protection if for you however If your a die hard Larry the cable guy fan go out and buy it. because witless protection is more than pleasing to your average redneck

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hullarious, yet trouthful

Posted : 12 years, 6 months ago on 9 July 2008 12:39 (A review of The Bucket List)

Rob Riener directs this off-beat comedy that stars Morgan Freeman and jack Nicholson as two old men who want to have some fun before they kick the bucket. jack Nicholson's character Edward Cole is a rich Doctor who ownns a chain of hospitals and is filthy rich and stuck up,later to be diagnosed with cancer as well, a perfect character for Nicholson to portray . Morgan Freeman is Carter chambers an all around smart man who is pretty much a historian, with the ability to recall dates off the top of his head. after both men have collapsed due to their fateful diagnoses. this puts the two men in a room together and it's not long before the two become friends. however, when carter tells wife Virgina(Beverly Todd) this creates a problem for him. however, carter is not alone when he finds out the cole has an issue with daughter emily.

the bucket list is a wonderful family comedy that deserves more recognition than it received both performances are spectacler from Freeman and Nicholson. The Bucket list Co-stars Rob Morrow(numbers) and Sean Hayes(will and Grace).

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very enjoyable

Posted : 12 years, 7 months ago on 15 June 2008 01:02 (A review of Rescue Me: The Complete Fourth Season)

season 4 of rescue opens with a bang. the very first episode is about the events that happened in the end of season 3. with the raping of tommy(Denis Leary) by Shiela(Callie Thorn) (who had drugged him and then accidentily burned down the house that they just bought(which happened in the season 3 finale)). the epsisode starts off that Tommy is being questioned by an insurance investigator and is really tommy questioning himself while having the conversation with the investigator. which could really mean jail time for him and sheila.

this season really focused on everyone moving on and the trying again of tommy and wife, janet(Andrea Roth). for example Mike (probie,michael Lombardi) graduates probie shcool and starts working another shift for ladder 62 and Black sean or what he likes to be called bart(larenz Tate)joins the cast. then Tommy and family start having their own family AA meetings which focus on Maggie(Tatum O' Niel) and uncle teddy(Lenny Clarke) which turns to turmoil Gavin style. Lou(John Scurti) discovers dating a former nun is not what it is cracked up to be. Franco(Daniel Sunjata) proposes to natalie. while Maggie and sean discover they need to give each other some space.

rescue me season 4 is by far my favorite so far and has classic memorable moments i myself am looking forward to season 5 coming out on dvd in the near futre.

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very, very, funny

Posted : 12 years, 8 months ago on 13 May 2008 04:04 (A review of Flight Of The Conchords)

Flight of the conchords is really a soundtrack, however not categorized as one though. the cd covers every song from season one. the songs are edited and are longer than what is shown in the show. some of which is thrown into places that does not fit. with randomly thrown in lines which is the comedy is what makes this cd awesome not to mention the fact that the singers Jemaine Clement and Bret Mckenzie are easier to understand as well vs. watching the songs in the show, but it is always good to have a visual too.

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very good soundtrack

Posted : 12 years, 8 months ago on 13 May 2008 03:58 (A review of Battlestar Galactica: Season 3)

Bear Mcreay's work is phennominal although most people bought the soundtrack for one song "all along the watchtower" wich was recomposed rearanged and preformed by bt4. the song nods at Jimi Hendrix's original and the words are used from Bob Dylan's version which really makes the song work. the idea was originally Ron D. Moor's and turned out to be quite a success. the music on this soundtrack is some of the best in the music world today. the soundtrack covers from the "razor" episodes to obviously the season finale of season 3. my to favorites from the soundtrack are tracks 18 and 21. However, the soundtrack is worth every penny of the fifteen dollars.

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i am iron man

Posted : 12 years, 8 months ago on 9 May 2008 02:35 (A review of Iron Man)

iron man starts off with a bang. meet tony stark he's your average smart ass filthy rich weapons manufacturer played by a wonderful Robert Downey Jr. the first 20-30 minutes of the movie shows tony getting to know our troops in the middle east wich is rather hularious too.then later we see tony get captured by terrorists and build his first suit and makes an escape. Jeff bridges is obadiah stane stark's right hand man whom you won't even recognize in the movie until the credts roll and then you'll remeber that he's the dude without hair. leslie bibb is Christine Everhart the reporter that stark sleeps with also in the first 30 minutes of the movie only to try and down stark industries later in the movie.pepper potts is played by an all to charming Gwenyth Platrow who looks like clare danes in the movie more than anything else. pepper is stark's personal assistant and love interest throughout the movie. iron man is no doubt the best superhero movie we've had since the punisher. i wish i could say that iron man is true to the comics however i have not read them. iron man is truly something good and is very entertaining throughout the whole movie with powerful performances from the cast iron man it well worth the ten bucks.

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